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Super Mario Bros. Maps

These are the complete maps of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

These maps are no longer maintained. You're free to do what you like with them.


World 1 Level 1-1
Level 1-2
Level 1-3
Level 1-4
World 2 Level 2-1
Level 2-2
Level 2-3
Level 2-4
World 3 Level 3-1
Level 3-2
Level 3-3
Level 3-4
World 4 Level 4-1
Level 4-2
Level 4-3
Level 4-4
World 5 Level 5-1
Level 5-2
Level 5-3
Level 5-4
World 6 Level 6-1
Level 6-2
Level 6-3
Level 6-4
World 7 Level 7-1
Level 7-2
Level 7-3
Level 7-4
World 8 Level 8-1
Level 8-2
Level 8-3
Level 8-4

Bonus Areas



Project Details

For those interested, these maps were created using FCEU, a free Nintendo emulator for Windows. I used the ROM image for the Mario/Duck Hunt version of the game. Screen captures were tediously pieced together in Photoshop. Some text was reproduced using the Press Start font by codeman38, which emulates the same font used in SMB. Some Game Genie codes were used to make mapping easier, including high jumps, 900-tick timer, and invincibility. I noticed no side effects from these cheats, so the maps should not be any different due to the use of these codes.