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Legend of Zelda Maps

Complete maps of the first Zelda game for the NES, including layer seperations for those who want to tweak with the images.

The second quest is not mapped at this time. I never got around to it, sorry. I know there are others who have, so you should be able to find them with a bit of searching.


Overworld thumbnail
Overworld (199KB)

Grotto key — Use this legend to match up the cave letters on the map

Separated layersmap | hidden entrances | labels | monsters | grottos


Dungeon 1 thumbnail 1
Dungeon 2 thumbnail 2
Dungeon 3 thumbnail 3
Dungeon 4 thumbnail 4
Dungeon 5 thumbnail 5
Dungeon 6 thumbnail 6
Dungeon 7 thumbnail 7
Dungeon 8 thumbnail 8
Dungeon 9 thumbnail 9

Dungeons (unified)

All dungeons thumbnail
All dungeons (459KB)

Separated layersmap | dark rooms | monsters | basement | basement monsters | labels


To answer the most common question I get: you get past the "grumble grumble" guy in level 7 by giving him meat. I'm not a strategy guide though, just a mapper, so get answers to such questions at GameFAQs.com.