Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Maps

These are my maps of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The base imagery comes from approximately five-thousand aerial screencaps from Steve M's Map Viewer software that were then meticulously stitched together using both scripts and a lot of manual work. Data layers were mostly plotted from the game data itself, so the information is generally pretty accurate.

All images are at 1-meter resolution. The entire map is 6,000 meters on a side (over 3.7 miles).

If you have trouble viewing these large images in your browser, try downloading them to disk and viewing them with image editing software.

These images are no longer being maintained. You're free to use them however you like.


Geographic thumbnail 1 Geographic thumbnail 2 (7.54MB) A map of geographic areas, businesses, and points of interest.

Horseshoes thumbnail 1 Horseshoes thumbnail 2 (592KB) Horseshoes in Las Venturas

Oysters thumbnail 1 Oysters thumbnail 2 (3.32MB) Oysters in the waters around San Andreas.

Tags thumbnail 1 Tags thumbnail 2 (532KB) Graffiti tags in Los Santos.

Snapshots thumbnail 1 Snapshots thumbnail 2 (579KB) Snapshots in San Fiero.

Weapons thumbnail 1 Weapons thumbnail 2 (3.35MB) Spawn points for weapons, bribes, and body armor.

Unique jumps thumbnail 1 Unique jumps thumbnail 2 (3.33MB) All 70 unique jumps

Blank map thumbnail 1 Blank map thumbnail 2 (6.24MB) A blank map showing just the aerial imagery of San Andreas.

All thumbnail 1 All thumbnail 2 (7.60MB) The works. All data layers turned on.

Vector thumbnail 1 Vector thumbnail 2 (1.43MB) The line art map from the game, ripped directly from the texture files.