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Downloadable Hazmat Placards

I had difficulty finding vector art of hazmat (hazardous mat­er­ials) pla­cards and labels, so I wound up creating my own.

These were designed according to the De­part­ment of Trans­port­a­tion’s 2009 CFR Title 49, Vol­ume 2 to the best of my abil­ities. If you find inac­cur­acies please contact me, but please cite an off­icial ref­er­ence. I offer no guar­an­tees as to their acc­ur­acy. I haven’t been trained or cert­i­fied in any way.

Each design is available in PDF and PNG format. The PDF in­cludes a color ver­sion fol­lowed by color sep­ar­a­tions on sub­se­quent pages for each of the un­ique inks used in the sign. The PNGs are samp­led at 300 DPI.


Placards are intended for marking shipping containers, trucks, and cargo. They measure at least 10.8 inches (273mm) on a side.


Labels are smaller, often adhesive signs at least 3.9 inches (100mm) on a side. They are often affixed to individual boxes or crates.